Summer scented. Summer infused foods. Cold-processed Soaps.

Summerset gentle bars are great for all skin types. All our artisan soap bars are made with ingredients thought to help prevent and battle acne, and especially skin irritations like eczema.

Having a loved one   who is managing irritated skin every day, we set out to create these soaps to aid and heal the discomfort. We hope you will benefit from it in the many summer shower times using our range of handcrafted bath & skincare. 

Explore our range of bars, and you will find they are always harnessing the goodness from tropical fruits, vegetables and plants, or earth. Blended together, they work a magical lather   .

Our soaps are only scented with lovely essential oil blends from Plant Therapy or Young Living to avoid any skin sensitivities from perfume or synthetic fragrance.

Summerset Soaps | #naturalsoaps #stayfresh #reducewaste

#naturalsoaps #stayfresh #reducewaste

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