The Cactus Fruit That Is So Amazing

The Cactus Fruit That Is So Amazing

On a common week, this is one of our favourite snack for breakfast or after dinner fruit plate.  Locally, this fruit is not usually transformed into many other food forms (actually I do wonder why now.....) but nevertheless a favourite treat on its own. I’m talking about the Dragon Fruit, or some parts of the world calls it a Pitaya. 

In Malaysia, we are very creative with our food. We transform special fruits into cakes, desserts of ice cream or puddings, chips, salads, porridge and curries. Take one good example is the king of fruit, the Durian or another common ingredient is the Jackfruit. 

Anyway, this time I’m using the lovely Dragon fruit for soap making, and man there’s so much benefits to it on the skin!  It’s not just high in iron and vitamins if consumed, the fruit may help in boosting your body immunity with its natural content of  antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. It is also glorious on the skin as well. 

Dragon Fruit Benefits For Skin

May Have Anti-Aging Properties: Dragon fruits contain antioxidants that have anti-aging properties. Vitamin C is another potent antioxidant that can prevent skin aging.

May Treat Acne: Dragon fruit extracts are used in traditional skin care remedies to treat acne. This could be because red dragon fruit peel has antimicrobial properties.

May Soothe Sunburned Skin: The vitamin C, along with the other vitamins and minerals present in dragon fruit, may assist in reducing sunburn. It restores moisture and heals the sunburnt area and calms it. The antimicrobial property of dragon fruit may help prevent infections on the burnt area.

May Promote Skin Health: Dragon fruit is a good source of vitamin C. Vitamin C is proven to lighten skin tone, reduce hyperpigmentation and improve skin complexion. It is also essential for collagen synthesis. Collagen keeps your skin firm and plump as it is a structural component of the skin.

May Hydrate The Skin: Dragon fruit is high in water, so it may help hydrate the skin. The vitamin B in it can moisturize your skin and keep it healthy and glowing. 

You can get this soap on our store, follow this link. Cheers!

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