RM 26.00

This is our ultimate Summer tropical bar! 

Made from fresh pineapple juice, musk melon juice and mixed with oh-so-yum coconut milk, this bar brings you to a Malibu holiday. We have also added a dash of bentonite clay in our creation for that gentle exfoliation to remove dead-skin and toxins.

Pineapple has high concentrations of malic and citric acid. These acids in soap helps lift and wash away dead skin cells, revealing brighter skin.  Presence of bromeliad enzymes helps in acne treatment and healing of skin problems.

Pineapple is a wonderful fruit, which may improve skin hydration.

This is a fantastic cleansing bar, but Never harsh.

Specialty: Saponified oils of palm (sustainable), coconut, rice bran refined, olive oil pomace, castor, sunflower oil and mango seed butter. To top of the bar, we add YL Lemongrass essential oil (amazing as anti-fungal & anti-bacterial guard to your skin), PT Blend Sensual essential oils.

Batch Fully Cured: 20 August 2020