RM 32.00

ACV. That's the common term used for apple cider vinegar in skincare.

ACV is an age-old beauty ritual used for restoring bounce and shine to dull, dreary hair – by balancing the pH. An ACV rinse is also the perfect complimentary, natural “conditioner” to a shampoo bar. 

Being a nut for all things practical, we formulated this Shampoo Bar for extra convenience, like a natural all-in-one! A bar of soap filled with hair-loving coconut and olive oil pomace, plus the ACV and the much needed Vitamin B5 as a natural conditioner. We even threw in milk to caress your lovely mane.

Characteristics: Saponified oils of coconut, olive oil pomace, palm, sweet almond, cocoa butter, and castor oil. Hair-loving blend of essential oils of Rosemary, Lavender and Peppermint. Nourishing your locks are Vitamin B5 which is in the bar, with cow's milk.

Batch Fully Cured: 20 April 2020

Try a shampoo bar today, save the earth. 

Each shampoo bar may lasts longer provided they are well taken care off.  As per all natural soaps are, it is best to keep them dry in between use to maintain its usage-life.  Touted to lasts many washes from 50 to 80 washes!, we would need remember that this is very much dependent on many factors and hair types/conditions! Sorry, we are being honest here!

Of course, if you choose to switch to a shampoo bar, you know you will be also helping our Planet, which is always worth paying a little bit extra - Less One More Plastic Bottle From the Ocean! 

Shampoo bars are so convenient to carry them in your travel pouch, or gym bag. No spillage to worry about. Do you need think much more?

Give 7 days or 7 washes, and you will fall in love with it. The first week or two are always something not what you will be normally used to!  Let your hair get rid of all the existing gunk from commercialised shampoo (the parabens, SLS, etc.).