RM 32.00

A scalp and hair revitalizing ritual that helps gently exfoliate while removing build-up, fighting flakes, and rebalancing your scalp and hair health.

Refreshing essential oils, rich Vietnamese coffee with cow milk and cleansing activated charcoal help balance natural hair oils, stimulate the scalp and add body and shine. Coffee can promote hair growth and hair strengthening.

Charcoal Powder
Charcoal has very absorptive properties, which allows it to soak up the excess grease and build-up that makes your hair feel dull or heavy.

Rhassoul clay puts that extra gentle cleansing of the locks from grime and Aloe extract nourishes with essential moisture, and aiding skin inflammation.

Healing and invigorating eucalyptus and orange essential oils are good for hair health, and may help to sooth acne-prone or dry skin as well. 

A bar of soap filled with hair-loving coconut oil, olive pomace and castor oil, added sweet almond oil which is fantastic for senstive skin, ACV (apple cider vinegar) and moisturising D-Panthenol works as a natural conditioner. 

Characteristics: Saponified oils of coconut, olive pomace, palm, castor, rice bran, almond and cocoa butter.  Vietnamese coffee and coffee grounds, Apple cider vinegar, Rhassoul clay, Calendula oil and Aloe Vera extract, D-Panthenol, cow milk, activated charcoal, fenugreek powder and Amla powder (Ayurveda herbs for healthy hair).  

Essential oils:  Young Living Eucalyptus Globolus, YL Orange and PT Sensual blend (orange, lavender, ylangylang, patchouli, sandalwood and jasmine).  

Batch 2 Fully Cured: 28 November 2020

Try a shampoo bar today, save the earth. 

Each shampoo bar may lasts longer provided they are well taken care off.  As per all natural soaps are, it is best to keep them dry in between use to maintain its usage-life.  Touted to lasts many washes from 50 to 80 washes!, we would need remember that this is very much dependent on many factors and hair types/conditions! Sorry, we are being honest here!

Of course, if you choose to switch to a shampoo bar, you know you will be also helping our Planet, which is always worth paying a little bit extra - Less One More Plastic Bottle From the Ocean! 

Shampoo bars are so convenient to carry them in your travel pouch, or gym bag. No spillage to worry about. Do you need think much more?

Give 7 washes, and you may be converted. The first week or two are always something not what you will be normally used to!  Let your hair and scalp adjust to the change, and you may see the changes or if you are suitable with it.